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1. Who is live escape game for?
Live escape game is fun for all: friends, colleagues, families, you name it. If you are looking for something other than the usual bars, movies and the like, then liveescapegame is a sure bet. Come and check it out.

2. Is there a specific age limit for team members?
In general there is no age limit, nevertheless, we found that the ideal group age is above 14. You are naturally welcome to bring along smaller kids, but in this we case we need at least 1 team member to be older than 21, and we advise that the younges member is at least 10 years young.

3. Do I need any special skill, or knowledge for the game? What are the language requirements?
The game is designed so that any team with a bit of creativity, good ideas and logic can escape. It requires no special skills or knowledge. To solve the riddles basic English or German language skills are absolutely fine.

4. I have already tried one of the games, is there any differences between the game areas? Is it worth trying another one too?
First of all we are glad that you played one of the games! We hope you enjoyed the game and escaped! Coming back to you question: of course it is worthwhile trying another one! Our game fields are different in many ways: riddles, tasks, fittings, ambience...
For more information about the differences between the games, please check:

5. How long does a game last?
Well, of course it depends how fast you can escape! The net game time is 60 minutes, an for the whole program you should count with 1.5 hours.

6. What payment methods do you accept?
At the moment we accept cash payments in CHF, or in EUR, or prepayment via bank transfer.

7. What is the minimum and maximum size of groups per game?
The minimum group size is 2 players and the maximum can be 6 players per game. In general bigger team have better chances to escape, bu the fun is absoluely there for smaller group too :-) For details on game options and booking for bigger groups please consult the game section: .
8. May I come and play alone?
Due to the nature of the game the minimum group size is 2 people, thus unfortunately you can not come and play alone yet. But! We plan to book several dates during the week for single registration to organize `meet up` games. You could then play with others, whom you do not yet know. Please email us at, so that we can inform you once we launch this new service.

9. Is there any recommendation on clothes for the game?
You may dress as you wish. You will neither have to crawl around, nor to perform heavy duty physical exercises. Anything from a fully casual to black tie attire would suffice.

10. In case we can not show up at the booked date, what shall we do, are there any consequences?
Of course there are consequences, you miss a great fun time with your teammates, and we will be sad you missed out on the game. :-) Fun put aside, in case for whatever reason you can not show up, please email us as soon as possible at Further details of the cancellation policy will be provided during the booking process. Thank you for your cooperation.

11. I would like to purchase a live escape game voucher, what do I have to do?
Please email us at

12. I would like to redeem my live escape game voucher, what shall I do?
Nothing special, just bring it along!
13. Is there any language requirement for the game?
All tracks of live escape game can be played in English, or in German. Most riddles and mysteries are non-verbal, so basic language skills are perfectly fine.

14. I am interested in working for live escape game, do you have open positions?
You can become a game master, we are continuously recruiting, let us hear from you! Send us an email @

15. I am interested in a franchise/ joint venture opportunity, do you offer that?
Certainly! Get in contact with us at, we would like to hear from you!

16. I have a suitable real-estate for live escape game, are you interested?
Absolutely we are in search for real-estate renting opportunities in Switzerland and abroad too! Please get in contact with us @
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